2024's Trending Triumphs: The 3 Altcoins Destined To Light Up CoinMarketCap

It is no isolated event when a hidden gem of a token makes it to the top of various CoinMarketCap categories. Such feats are accomplished frequently during bull runs. And investors who identify such tokens before they reach the top of the categories walk away with the most significant returns. Thus, finding such tokens from the rough can help investors capitalize on 2024’s bull run. Here are the top three tokens experts claim will undoubtedly make it to the top.


The NFTFN token is the native asset of the NFTFN platform, for which it serves various utility like facilitating fee payments, paying liquidation insurance, and staking for passive income. As it plays a robust role in the NFTFN platform, the platform will give it the push needed to top all the charts on CoinMarketCap.

This avant-garde platform functions as a reimagined NFT trading application that allows NFT enthusiasts to interact with some of the most popular blue-chip NFTs with funding as small as $10. That capability can transform the NFT segment, letting the masses interact with top-dollar NFTs they previously could not access due to not possessing significant capital.

With a transformative use case like that, NFTFN will witness industry-wide adoption in the coming months, making it a frontrunner in the Web3 scene. Alongside its adoption, the NFTFN token will surge in price like no other token. Experts suggest it is going up to $10 from its current presale offering of $0.025 to register a tremendous 400X rise.


The native asset of the famous blockchain oracle platform Chainlink, LINK is an investor favorite every bull run. This time is no different as LINK shows possibilities of continuing its performance as a top asset to invest in during bullish conditions. It is currently exchanging hands just below the $20 mark, establishing a year-to-date (YTD) growth of 160%.

This token will rise to greater heights, with experts forecasting it can hit $50 this year to be a mainstay in CoinMarketCap’s trending section. LINK witnesses massive daily trading activity, keeping it relevant despite its long tenure in the crypto market. Moreover, Chainlink’s widespread usage makes LINK highly utilized as a fee-paying medium. As several dApps and enterprise deployments use Chainlink for their oracle needs, LINK’s price action will remain robust and grow favorably.

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A meme coin that has grown by a whopping 5000% since its launch last year, BONK will continue to register burgeoning growth through this bull run and possibly top every chart users look at on platforms like CoinMarketCap. Meme coin adepts liken the token to top assets in the segment, like DOGE and SHIB.

Of course, early BONK investors have already witnessed tremendous profits in line with what DOGE and SHIB provided their early investors. Now, it looks to overtake what the meme coin greats accomplished to become the leader. 2024’s bull run can make that happen, as this token does not look like it is slowing down at all. A passionate community and the power of memes are taking this token to heights that investors are exhilarated to see.


Trending tokens are the best way for investors to net unadulterated gains. However, waiting for tokens to reach the top of the trending chart on platforms like CoinMarketCap can be a little too late for investors to harness all the gains the tokens provide.

Getting in early is the name of the game. With the major chunk of 2024 left, identifying such tokens will make investors richer than ever. NFTFN, LINK, and BONK are experts’ suggestions for investors looking to milk the crypto market for all it can offer.


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