Behind the scenes: fully on-chain game: the production process of “LANDLORD”

Behind the dazzling full-chain game “LANDLORD” lies a team full of passion and creativity, along with their relentless efforts in the production process. Now, let’s unveil the making of “LANDLORD” and learn how the development team collaborated with other platforms to promote this game.

Full-Chain Game Development Contract:

The development of “LANDLORD” began with an ambitious vision: to create a new gaming experience using blockchain technology. The development team worked closely with smart contract developers to design an innovative contract for developing and playing full-chain games. These smart contracts not only ensure the security and transparency of assets in the game but also provide players with a fair and trustworthy gaming environment.

Game Development:

The game development process was a journey full of challenges and creativity. The development team meticulously designed the game’s worldview, gameplay, and user interface to provide players with the best gaming experience. At the same time, they also utilized blockchain technology to develop the in-game economic system and trading platform, ensuring the stability and security of the game.

Fully on-Chain Deployment:

To allow more players to participate in the game, “LANDLORD” adopted a multi-chain deployment strategy. The development team plans to deploy the game on multiple mainstream blockchain platforms, including ARB and OPBNB chains, providing players with more choices and flexibility. This enables players from different chains to participate in the game.

Collaboration and Promotion:

To make more players aware of and experience “LANDLORD,” the development team actively collaborated with other platforms for promotion. They partnered with well-known gaming media, social platforms, and blockchain projects to showcase the charm and innovation of the game to players through various channels. These collaborations not only brought more exposure and attention to the game but also provided players with more opportunities for participation and interaction.

Through the unveiling of developer logs, the production process of “LANDLORD” showcases a team full of passion and creativity, along with their relentless pursuit of innovation. Additionally, collaboration and promotion with other platforms played a crucial role in the successful promotion of the game. It is believed that in the near future, “LANDLORD” will become a shining gem in the field of full-chain gaming, bringing more surprises and joy to players!





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